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Trainer Jason Loebig Is Having The Best Day Ever, Every Day. Here’s How.

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Today is the best day of Jason Loebig’s life. So was yesterday. Tomorrow probably will be too. That’s because the in-demand trainer makes it a priority to “have the best day ever, every single day.” In fact, that’s even the motto of his Chicago-based wellness community and coaching center, Live Better Co.

“I remind myself of this constantly, but especially in the morning to help set up for a great day ahead,” says Loebig. “It’s a conscious reminder to make decisions that move me forward to live the life that I want, and puts the responsibility on me to make that happen.”

And considering Loebig’s track record, it’s pretty clear he’s been diligent about practicing what he preaches. After realizing his life’s purpose was centered around physical fitness, Loebig left his successful career as a certified public accountant and co-founded Live Better Co., an experiential wellness company that focuses on every aspect of health, from food to fitness to the mental component.

Loebig’s first client training session begins around 6 a.m., so starting his morning off right is essential. “I fiercely protect this time early in the day because I know it’s important for not only my own health but also so that I have enough energy to give to my job,” he says. “It’s my life’s passion to help others with their health and fitness, and that starts by making sure I have my own body and mind in the right place.”

Loebig took us through the morning routine that allows him to compete in multiple athletic events a month, train hundreds of clients, and make every day a great one. Read on to learn his secrets.

5:00 a.m.: Rise, read, and unwind

morning routine

Photo Courtesy of Jason Loebig

On a “normal” work day, Loebig wakes up before the sun, even though he’s an equal mix of a morning person and a night owl. “If I’m lucky, I’ll get around seven hours of sleep, which is a slight deficit for me,” he explains. His secret for making up zzz’s on those days he’s dragging: “tiger snoozes,” the 20-30 minute power naps he takes in the afternoon.

First thing in the morning, Loebig takes a quick five-minute shower, where he alternates using hot and cold water in 30 second intervals to help wake up his body. Next up: hydration! Loebig adds a pinch of sea salt to 20 ounces of water to kickstart his daily electrolyte consumption and drinks it within the hour. His goal is to down 100 ounces of water during the course of the day, especially if he’s training in the heat and humidity

“This puts my mind at peace to start the day.”

While hydrating, Loebig takes time to sit down and do something he truly loves: reading. “My reading list is insanely widespread, from health and wellness books to spy novels to children’s books,” he says. “One of my goals is to write a series of children’s books, so often I’ll add notes to my stories if time allows.”

He reads and writes in the a.m. because he wants to begin the day on his own terms. “It’s something my brain wants, not something someone else’s brain is telling me to want or to do,” he says. “This puts my mind at peace to start the day.”

6:00 a.m.: Coffee and clients

You might think this early riser chugs coffee nonstop, but Loebig actually only has one cup a day, about 60-90 minutes after he gets up. “I love coffee, but I try to delay consumption to allow my body and mind to wake up naturally,” he says.

Loebig typically reaches for Mocha Super Coffee, which comes pre-made and ready-to-drink. “This saves me a lot of time in the morning and I notice a boost in my physical and mental energy,” he explains. Loebig leads training sessions from 6 a.m. until 10 a.m., so he’ll typically be finishing his coffee while coaching his clients.

10:00 a.m.: Workout time

battle ropes
Loebig in the gym working out.

Photo Courtesy of Jason Loebig

At this point, it’s time for Loebig to take a break from training clients and have his own personal sweat session. “I’m wide awake, energized from helping others, and ready to get after it,” he explains. His workouts usually combine some elements of strength, conditioning, and mobility work, but there’s no set rulebook. Since this is his time, Loebig likes to switch up his workouts depending on what he’s training for or what areas of his body he’s looking to focus on. “I’ll do anything from MMA, to yoga, to rock climbing, to running,” he says.

11:00 a.m.: First meal of the day

Time to fuel up! Loebig eats his first meal a whopping six hours after he wakes up. This is a conscious decision on his part: He started practicing time-restricted eating (also known as intermittent fasting) six years ago. “I don’t eat a traditional breakfast anymore,” he explains. “I’ll have coffee early, and then I don’t consume any food until 11-ish—immediately after I work out.”

Even though his first meal happens a little later than most peoples’, Loebig’s menu still consists of breakfast foods. In fact, he’s a big fan of eating breakfast foods all day long. Some of his favorites are eggs with bacon, green vegetables, and avocado. To support his high level of activity, Loebig eats a diet that’s high in protein and contains a mix of healthy fats and carbohydrates, depending on his training and aesthetic goals. “If I’m running a lot or trying to put on some muscle mass, I’ll add a bit of quinoa or sweet potato, but otherwise, it’s a lot lean meat!”

11:30 a.m.: Supplements and simplicity

Loebig takes supplements each morning as an “insurance policy,” just in case he’s not able to get all the nutrients he needs through his diet alone. With his first meal, Loebig has a multivitamin as well as fish oil as a “catchall” for any micronutrients he might be missing, like omega-3 fatty acids. Since he doesn’t normally eat fish, Loebig knows that omega-3s are one nutrient he’s lacking in, which is why he takes the fish oil to help. “It’s a great supplement for both body and brain function—I demand a lot from both, so I want to know my performance is optimal,” Loebig explains. Right now, he’s reaching for Vthrive™ The Vitamin Shoppe® Bioactive Immune Multivitamin and Vthrive™ The Vitamin Shoppe® Premium Wild Alaskan Fish Oil, both of which he gets from Knowing he has long work days on the regular, Loebig recognizes that he shouldn’t try to fit in more than he has time for in the morning. He advises finding one to three things that’ll set you up for success, instead of stressing over a complicated multi-step routine. “This sense of simplicity has really worked to help me start the day calm and focused,” he says. “Every day can be the best day ever if you choose to make it that way.”

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