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COVID patients with hypertension as comorbidity up in second wave – DTNext


Dr Gobu P, Senior Consultant, and Interventional Cardiologist – Department of Cardiology at Gleneagles Global Health City said COVID patients with hypertensive comorbidity condition have increased up to 10 per cent in the second wave compared to last year. “Also, hypertensive patients are at increased risk of developing more severe COVID-19 compared to having normal blood pressure. The COVID patients with hypertension will have more symptoms of cardiac issues such as accumulation of fluid in the lungs adding to the breathlessness. To avoid risk, they should continue their medication. Most people, when they test positive for COVID, don’t take proper medicines or completely stop medication for hypertension, later it leads to cardiac arrest,” he said.

People with COVID-19 and hypertension with low heart function tend to develop serious heart problems. During the past few weeks, doctors claimed that patients with these complications have doubled up.

Cardiac patients who have high blood pressure without any treatment also tend to develop renal issues, when they have uncontrolled high blood pressure, it can cause arteries around the kidneys to narrow, weaken or harden. These damaged arteries are not able to deliver enough blood to the kidney tissue.

“Hypertension is an inflammatory disorder. When the inflammation increases in the body, even the cardiovascular system goes in for inflammation, the reason for heart attack or stroke in COVID positive patients. Even COVID patients with hypertension should take proper medication and go for regular walks so that it will lower the risk of cardiac issues and kidney failure,” said Dr Madan Mohan, Senior Intervention Cardiologist, MGM Healthcare.

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