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Why Milind Soman Couldnt Donate Plasma: “Felt A Bit Sad” – NDTV



Why Milind Soman Couldn't Donate Plasma: 'Felt A Bit Sad'

Milind Soman shared this photo (courtesy milindrunning)


  • Milind Soman was diagnosed with COVID-19 in March
  • He travelled to Mumbai with hopes of donating plasma
  • “We must do whatever we can,” he wrote

New Delhi:

Actor-model Milind Soman, who was diagnosed with COVID-19 in March, wrote in an Instagram post that he attempted but was unable to donate plasma. Milind Soman, who is quarantined somewhere in the hills, made a quick trip to Mumbai recently to donate plasma but he was not eligible because of insufficient antibodies. After his return from Mumbai, Milind Soman checked into Instagram and wrote: “Back to the jungle! Went to Mumbai to donate plasma but didn’t have enough antibodies for donation. Even though plasma therapy is not proven effective 100%, there are opinions that it might help, so I guess we must do whatever we can.”

In his note, Milind also shared his understanding of how antibodies matter when it comes to plasma donation: “Low antibody count generally means I had mild symptoms and that I have enough to fight another infection but not enough that I can help other people. Felt a bit sad.”

Read Milind Soman’s full post here:

Last month, Milind Soman wrote that he was looking forward to doing his bit in the fight against COVID-19 by donating plasma. “Feels like l’ve most completely recovered. Will be ready to donate plasma in another 10 days. Blood plasma from people who have recovered from COVID-19 can help save lives,” he said.

Milind Soman tested positive for COVID-19 in March – during his recovery period, he shared regular updates on his health. Milind Soman’s wife Ankita Konwar joined him at his quarantine location but they maintained strict social distancing protocols to keep her safe. As soon as Milind tested negative, he celebrated his recovery by going on a run with Ankita Konwar.

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