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Leakproof Period Panties 3-Pack Just $13.99 on Amazon | Girls Sizes 8-16

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innersy girls period panties 3-pack

Help make her time of the month more manageable!

Through October 30th, head on over to Amazon where you can snag this highly rated Innersy Girls Period Underwear 3-Pack for just $13.99 after the automatic 30% discount at checkout! Note that if the discount does not apply automatically for you, use promo code 30VZ11V2 at checkout to score the savings.

These period panties provide extra protection during her menstrual cycle so she doesn’t have to worry about embarrassing leaks or stains. They are made with a unique 3-layer lining that extends from high up in the front and all the way up the back for secure backup when wearing pads, tampons, or cups. They may also be worn alone through the night or on lighter days.

Available in sizes 8-10 up to 14-16 in a variety of cute styles and patterns, this underwear can help her feel confident any day of the month!

innersy period panties in pack

See why reviewers are so impressed by this underwear…

I got my daughter these. She started her period and I wanted her to feel secure at school. She’s only 10 and I did not know if she could handle herself at school the first time. These were perfect. No stains on her clothes. This may be TMI but I want to be honest for mothers who have young girls starting their cycle early. My daughter did have leakage but the blood did not go onto her clothes. The extra guard really helps. I am ordering more so that I can send her to school without worry.

I’ve been using menstrual underwear and menstrual cup for quite a few years. When my 10 yr old started menstruating she specifically asked for menstrual underwear. She says they’re super comfortable, they fit well. They aren’t too bulky and they absorb pretty well. We’ve had them for a few months and they have held up very well. I’m actually going to be buying her some more now that her cycle is getting more regular.

We have the black ones that we love! New colors are appreciated. My daughter has two sets of black colors. She wears these nearly every day!

Have a pair at the ready with this deal…

3 pair of girls period underwear

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