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Premier League top four: The results needed for Liverpool & Leicester to tie – GIVEMESPORT


With the Premier League title sewn up by Manchester City and Fulham, West From and Sheffield United already relegated, there’s not a great deal left to play for as we enter the final week of the campaign.

However, the race for the top-four and qualification for next season’s Champions League will go down to the final day.

After Alisson’s incredible injury-time winner for Liverpool against West Brom on Sunday, Jurgen Klopp’s side are right on the tail of both Chelsea and Leicester. They will be ready to pounce if either side drop any points in their final two fixtures.

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Of course, one of those sides – or perhaps even both – will be dropping points on Tuesday as they face each other at Stamford Bridge.

That will open the door for Liverpool, who face Burnley on Wednesday before hosting Crystal Palace on the final day.


Fans of all three clubs will be trying to work out all the permutations ahead of the final two matches.

What do they need to finish in the top four?

Just three points are separating all three clubs and could even come down to goal difference. If it does, Chelsea are currently on +22, while Leicester and Liverpool are both on +21.

It’s almost impossible to call. In this season of all seasons, it’s impossible to predict anything.


Therefore, we’ve decided to explore the possibility of the impossible happening – two teams finishing the same number of points, same goal difference, same goals scored and the same goals conceded.

After everything that’s happened in the last 12 months, it’s not even that unrealistic.

That would be the case if the following results happen:

Chelsea 1-0 Leicester
Burnley 1-2 Liverpool
Leicester 0-1 Tottenham
Liverpool 0-3 Crystal Palace

I know what you’re thinking: ‘Liverpool will never lose 3-0 at home to Crystal Palace’. Remember, this is a Liverpool side who lost at home to Burnley, Brighton and Fulham this season. Stranger things have happened – and that’s just in the last 24 hours. Chelsea would secure third place following their victory over Leicester so their result against Aston Villa on the final table is irrelevant. 

If that happens, the table will look like this:

4th. Liverpool – 66 points, scored 65, conceded 46
4th. Leicester – 66 points, scored 65, conceded 46


What will happen in this scenario?

Well, ahead of last season, the Premier League brought in a new rule. It says: “If two or more clubs finish level in the table when competing for the title or European qualification, or when relegation is at stake, their records in the head-to-head matches will now be used to separate them.”

So, how did the two teams fare when they faced each other this season?

Liverpool 3-0 Leicester
Leicester 3-1 Liverpool


So if the unlikely does happen, Liverpool have marginally the better head-to-head record thanks to Mohamed Salah’s goal at the King Power Stadium during a 3-1 loss.

They will be hoping it doesn’t have to come down to that but just imagine what the final day would be like if it has to be settled on their head-to-head record.

There’s plenty more twists and turns still to come in this incredible top-four race.

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